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holy shit i cant wait till im older to travel the world omfg bye suckers

thanks guys. mwah x

one of the greatest things ive seen in a long time

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Being a boyfriend

Being a boyfriend is more than just sending your girl “I love you and I miss you” texts, giving her flowers and gifts on your important dates, or calling your girl babe or whatever endearments you wanna call her. It’s something deeper than that. Being romantic is a part and doing all those stuffs is a must. But I guess those things is just the side which is visible to everyone. Being a boyfriend is also being an emotional partner. It’s being there for your girl every time she needs a helping hand, being there to listen to all of her stories, being there to guide her on what is right and what is wrong. Her problem is your problem, her tears were your tears, and her happiness is your happiness. I think that is the meaning of being a boyfriend.

fuck this

grab me by the waist,kiss me and tell me its all gonna be alright
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youre gonna miss me when im gone
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When your leg gets itchy in skinny jeans

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