im dalilah from Singapore! 14 this year. im obsess with flowers, boybands, and travelling. just drop an ask on my message. i’ll either reply personally or normally. more of my posts: http://fashionsociety.tumblr.com/tagged/me ☯ ☯ ☯ 

FAQ(frequently asked question):

Relationship status?

Will you follow me/promote me?
I only promote blogs that I absolutely love, and I only follow blogs that I think are worth following.

Will you check out my blog?
Yes, I promise I will.  I’ve done this with people who’ve asked politely and some I’ve even followed back.

I love your blog! <3
Aha, this isn’t a question, but thank you anyway. :)

Do you have Facebook/Twitter?  Can I add you?
I dont use facebook cause i find it totally useless. BUT i have twitter. :) do follow my twitter; @halubeautiful. 

Are you always on Tumblr or something?

No, I have a queue so that my posts can be staggered out the entire day - that way my followers with different time zones can see some of my posts as well.

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